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I'm a Synesthete and My Initials are Brown

Well actually, just the J is brown. The H is more of a light burnt orange, but it’s close.

I have a common, harmless condition called Synesthesia. This is a condition where one area of the brain is connected to another, causing a merging of senses. They can vary. Some people associate sounds with colors, or tastes with letters, or even emotions with colors.

I have a common and mild case of Synesthesia. In my case I associate colors with letters and numbers. To clarify, I look at black letters on paper the same way as anyone. But in my mind’s eye, I see them quite differently. I didn’t even realize this wasn’t normal until I was in my late teens. The idea of seeing letters and numbers as black just felt weird and bland to me. They say Synesthetes are creative, and that’s definitely true in my case, at least to some degree.

I often get people asking me what the color for each letter is, or for their name. I don’t really have colors for words, except sometimes it matches the color of the first letter. Someone recently suggested that I make a chart of all the letters, numbers, and their corresponding colors. So here you go!


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