Web Content Producer

Jason's Resume

“When working with Jason, I learned that he can take a project or assignment and run with it. He is willing to branch out of his comfort zone, and to receive and implement feedback. Jason's creativity is impressive and his enthusiasm for work he enjoys is contagious.” – Kara Wagner, Corporate Trainer, Boostability

Qualification Summary
  • Content Writer. Possesses a BA in English and 3 years professional (5 years casual) experience writing for the web. Produced written content for hundreds of websites. Passion for writing led to freelance writing jobs for prestigious websites like ScreenRant.com, NewMediaRockstars.com, and StarWars.com, all of which bring in over 1 million hits per week.
  • Podcast/Video Producer: Selected as a co-host for the podcast Far, Far Away Radio. Produces and edits a spin-off podcast, Legends and Lore, monthly. Writes, films, and edits 3 videos per week for a YouTube audience. The YouTube channel, Geek University, has gained over 500 subscribers in under 2 months.
  • Web Developer: Built websites from scratch which resulted in a fliuent knowledge of HTML and CSS. Frequently modified the Javascript and PHP code for Boostability’s company blog and Knowledge Base, which resulted in a solid understanding of those languages. Built multiple websites through WordPress and Drupal.
  • Technical Writer: Frequently boils down complex information into brief, understandable summaries, often in video form on YouTube. Once summarized a 40,000 academic article into a 12 minute video, which resulted in complements by the original writer for an engaging, yet accurate, summary.
  • Copywriter. Spent 3 years copywriting for small businesses and for blogs that would link to those businesses (to produce SEO value). This content increased client exposure by moving their website to the top page of Google. Increased customer conversion on client’s websites by keeping the content succinct and action oriented.
  • Online Marketer. 3 years professional experience writing for an online marketing organization. Learned how each piece of the industry worked together. As a result, developed a training workshop to help over 500 employees learn how to create their own website and optimize them for SEO, resulting in more knowledgeable and effective employees.
  • Innovative Worker. On multiple occasions, suggested new ways to perform a job that resulted in easier, more effective workflow. Improved the visual design of blog.boostability.com to make it more appealing to customers. Developed multiple training materials to improve team coordination and employee job knowledge.
  • Team Player. Selected, on over 50 occasions, to train incoming employees to perform basic job tasks. Promoted to assistant trainer at Boostability to train groups of incoming employees on the basics of the company culture, business objectives, and the online marketing industry.

February 2016 - Present

Web Content Producer
Howard Community College

I write, edit, and approve written content for HCC’s website: howardcc.edu. The position involves a mix of content management from writers across different departments at the college, content writing, and content editing with a PR/Marketing focus.

2010 - Present

Story Hobby Media

Developed a network of entertainment-related websites, such as AllTimelines.com, ArgoForce.com, StoryHobby.com, and JasonLeeHamilton.com. All part of the umbrella network of Story Hobby Media.

May 2015 - February 2016

Entertainment Writer

Produced academic content for StarWars.com. Generated news coverage for ScreenRant.com that resulted in a current average of 5040 views and 40 shares per piece. Produced lengthy editorials for NewMediaRockstars.com, resulting in a commendation from the managing editor.

2014 - Present

Video/Podcast Producer

Produced 3 videos per week for the YouTube channel, Geek University, which grew from 0 to 450 subscribers in its first 6 weeks of release. Contributed weekly to the podcast Far, Far Away Radio, which eventually led to the creation of a spin-off podcast, Legends and Lore, that joined the Far, Far Away Radio network, which saw a 10% increase in listeners as a result.

October 2014 - April 2015

Assistant Trainer, KB/BLog Administrator

Promoted to assistant trainer. Trained employees how to develop their own website and optimize them for SEO. Trained new hires on company culture and the basics of SEO. Both trainings resulted in more effective employees. Developed the knowledge base internal website, managed front end web development and content (text, images, and video) for the knowledge base, which resulted in a highly useful educational tool for employees. Maintained the official Boostability Blog (http://blog.boostability.com), which resulted in a commendation from the content manager of the blog.

Jan 2014 - September 2014

Information Analyst

Promoted to Information Analyst. Researched expired domains to analyze historic SEO value for purchase, resulting in higher-value domains for the same price. Managed Boostability’s internal blog network of nearly 6,000 blogs monitoring social interaction, responding to comments, and troubleshooting occasional server or WordPress errors.  Provided quality assurance on new internal and client blogs, resulting in higher-quality blogs for better SEO rankings.

September 2012 - January 2014

Writer/SEO Specialist

Wrote between 3,000-5,000 words per day of original content for the individual pages (About page, front page, etc.) of Boostability’s internal blog network. Edited the same amount of daily content from other team members, focusing on the clarity of the content. These tasks resulted in original blogs used to boost many small-business websites to the top page of Google.

July 2011 – September 2012

Team Leader/Sales Agent
Response Marketing Group

Helped clients contact higher education institutions to discuss continuing their education. Consistently ranked in the top 15% of success rate. Averaged 1.5 sales per hour. Promoted to team lead over 20 employees per shift, for two shifts. Kept employees motivated, taught successful sales techniques, and took calls from customers with additional needs, resulting in highly effective employees.

2011 - 2012

Church Service Leader
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Over a year of volunteer service as a church clerk, managing the membership records and financial donations for a congregation of over 170 members. Attended weekly training meetings from the leader of that congregation, a former COO of Chrysler1 Financial Corporation.

2007 - 2009

Multi-Cultural Volunteer
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Two-year volunteer service in Resistencia, Argentina, at own expense, resulting in training and supervision of 16 volunteers, direct contact with over 70,000 nationals, and indirect contact with over one million others, working to improve their quality of life – all while totally immersed in their native language (Spanish) and culture. Received letter of commendation from high-ranking organization executive for scope and value of service.

Education and Training

April 2018 (estimated)

MA Creative and Media Education
Bournemouth University (U.K.)

With emphasis on teaching cross-platform storytelling.

April 2013

BA English
Brigham Young University

Emphasis on digital culture. 3.0 GPA.

2007 - Present

Leadership Training

Over 100 hours leadership training from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2003 - 2004

8 credits towards BA
Howard Community College

4.0 GPA

Special Qualifications
  • United States Citizen
  • Eagle Scout
  • Fluent in Spanish